Check in time 11 to 22
The first day begins at 15 o'clock

Observance of Islamic hymn is required

It is forbidden to accompany live animals visiting the exhibition
Visiting the exhibition is free for veterinary students and veterinarians

Get acquainted with exhibitions and newsletters by filling out the exhibition form and get an exhibition package featuring magazine


An hour prior to the start of the exhibition the exhibitors will be present at the stand; otherwise the organizer will not be liable for the loss of the goods.
Observance of Islamic hymn is required

Exhibitors' food is delivered according to the number mentioned in the contract
 Modular pavilion or wood construction is required
Vip invitation cards will be given to exhibitors a month ago
Having an Entry Card is required by exhibitors
If you have ads one month before you should send it to the magazine unit
The photo and the name of the personnel in the booth must be submitted a month earlier
The exhibition and preparation time is 2 days before the exhibition day 
It is time to bring the bills for exhibitors from 9 am to 16 pm Other than this time nobody is allowed to enter the exhibition.
If you have radio ads one week ago send your radio text in 2 lines and no more to organizer